First Blog Post Ever!

First…a little history. I started baking at a young age. I was always in the kitchen with my mom baking cookies and pies and other desserts, all while NEVER making a mess if I remember correctly! She may remember differently.

After my daughter Addison was born, I didn’t want to just make her a birthday cake. I wanted to make a big, elaborate centerpiece but I realized I knew nothing about fondant or much about cake decorating. I read online, and studied as much as I could hoping to learn it all. I practiced on a styrofoam cake tier for months before her 2nd birthday party, just so I could perfect it!

I started designing and baking cakes for my family and friends. And then friends of friends. I baked countless batches of cupcakes until I had fine-tuned my recipes. As my reputation grew, I was being hired by people I didn’t know, and decided to jump in with both feet! And suddenly in 2010, Sugar by Tracy was born.

Now 7 years later, I am celebrating my anniversary with a new website! Candy Koated Design Studio worked with me to create this amazing, fresh new site with a new logo and new look, that so perfectly reflects my style as an artist. I absolutely love the darker, edgier, more artistic and contemporary feel!Sugar by Tracy Logo Cake

We have included so many more pages on this site. You’ll now be able to come behind the scenes with me in the ‘Back Stage Pass’ area where you will find sneak peeks of projects I am currently working on, watch video tutorials and be the first to know upcoming events. I’ll be sharing details from my creative process, walking you through how I design and create my cakes.

You will also be able to follow along with a fun project I launched this year, #365cakesketches, where I am sketching a new cake design every single day, always inspired by something different.



I am so excited to share more of my artistic journey with you! 

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